Northern Territory, Australia – take a note

The Northern Territory  is a Federal territory of Australia. It is known to be the place where nature is strongly represented with landscapes that will make you fall in love just like some of the most recognisable natural icons in Australia that you will find there. The Northern Territory contains hundreds of rare species of flora, native wildlife and, the very famous, crocodiles.


@photocredit: Niklas Keller

There are 52 national parks and nature conservation reserves, while the outback offers vast wide-open spaces and pioneering journeys. Niklas Keller, a German traveller who took a GAP year in Australia, adventured himself in one of those journeys. In Uluru, Northern Territory he experienced an unforgettable experience between man and nature.

“The drive through the Northern Territory with the rewarding destination Uluru is a great adventure! It does take a lot of effort to get there in the first place and also the driving when you are there is a lot of work, but it’s an absolutely magnificent experience and you will see a lot of things you just can not see in Europe.”

Niklas Keller

Niklas incredible adventure with tips and suggestions will be out tomorrow so keep an eye!

Country: Australia

Capital: Camberra

Largest City: Sydney, 4.543 million

Official language: English

Currency: Australian dollar (£1 = 2.13 AUD )

Population: 13,35 million

Total area: 13,572 km2

Sovereign: Queen Elizabeth II (1952)

Prime Minister: Malcolm Turnbull


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