New Orleans, Lousiana, USA – take a note

New Orleans is an american city located in the state of Louisiana and it is the largest city of this state. It is considered to be one of the world’s most fascinating cities – here you will find a unique mixture of culture, food and music. It is also one of America’s most culturally and historically-rich destinations.

New Orleans has many major attractions. The famous French Quarter and Bourbon Street’s notorious night life are just two examples. There is also the St. Charles Avenue, home to many famous must sees such as the historic Pontchartrain Hotel and the 19th century mansions.

As listed in recent travel guides, New Orleans is one of the top ten most visited cities in the United States.


“New Orleans is the witchcraft city, you can actually feel the energy in this city, and it’s very mysterious, with plenty of voodoo and witchcraft shops and people reading palms and cards on their little stands on the street .”

Filipa Alexandra

Country:United States of America

Capital: (united states capitol) Washington D.C. ; (state of Louisiana capitol) Baton Rouge

Largest City: (united states largest city) New York 8,491,079 habitants ; (Louisiana largest city) New Orleans, 343,829 habitants

Official language: American English

Currency: Dollar (£1 =1.54 USD)

Population: 378.715 habitants

Total area: 907 km²

President: Barack H. Obama (2009)


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