Lyon, a beautiful treasure of France

Lyon is a place worth visiting, due to its beautiful architecture, but it’s also an awesome city to live in, due to its atmosphere. It is a couple hours west from the French Alps, and an hour south from the Burgundy vineyards. 3 days are enough to visit most touristic sites, I’ve lived there 3 years and the city still surprises me with what it has to offer.


  1. AIRPLANE toLyon Saint Exupéry (Cheap airlines such as Easyjet and Germanwings fly there)
  2. OUIGO– low-cost TGVs from £8/10€/$11 (very fast trains) so you’ll reach the city in less than 2 hours, however they can only be reached in Paris Bercy and Marseille Saint Charles, and you’ll have to leave very early or arrive in Lyon very late.
  3. TER a tiny bit more expensive than Ouigos and take a bit more time, but there usually are a lot of them so you can choose to arrive early or late, it’s up to you. (for example Geneva – Lyon costs £22/20€/$32 and takes 2 hours)
  4. TGVs –expensive, super-fast, and numerous (for example Madrid – Lyon costs £101/127€/$143 and takes8h25)
  5. BY RIDE SHARING– many people offer a ride on Blablacar, usually it is not expensive – from £16/20€/$22.50 Paris – Lyon – (sometimes Flixbus is the cheapest, but it stops a lot a takes a long time), you might want to check it out (for your own safety, make sure they have been recommended by other Blablacar users)

From the airport to the center

  1. The Rhone Express, a tramway, will take you from the airport to the city’s main train station in 25 minutes, a one-way tickets costs about£12/15€/$17
  2. BUS Flixbus is available in Lyon

Once you reach Lyon there are many things to visit and see!



The Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière. (Take line D until Vieux Lyon, then takes the funicular railway or climb up) There is an absolutely amazing view of Lyon in the back of the Basilique, and the interior is very impressive too, especially since there are 2 « churches », one on each floor. You can go there using the funiculars, but I personally recommend climbing up from Vieux Lyon and passing by the antique amphitheater, then go down through the garden straight to the Vieux Lyon, there’s plenty to see on the way.



Vieux Lyon (Take line D and stop at Vieux Lyon). The atmosphere in the old town is really lovely. The area has several nice shops and restaurants, and, even if very touristic, there are not so many tourist traps. It’s a mandatory destination when going to Lyon. If you want Lyonnaise food on a budget, you might well find it here, however, some might not cook homemade or fresh food. If you want to try typical Lyonnaise and French food, I recommend Aux 24 colonnes (where you’ll most likely need to book a table) and Un Deux Trois. They’re both tasty yet affordable places!


The Vieux Lyon traboules. These small, “secret” passages are fun to explore. They are dark hallways between buildings, usually connecting courtyards. It is a completely different way of seeing the city, and you never know what you will stumble upon. Apart from their original use by the silk trade, they were used during WW2 for people to move around the city unseen by the Nazi invaders. But remain quite when taking them, people do live there.



Parc de la tête d’or (Take B line and stop at Gare Part Dieu, then take bus C1, C2 or C6 and stop at Parc Tête d’Or). Take at least half a day to explore this park (no entrance fee). There is an excellent walk around the lake with toilets and refreshments (expensive ones, you might want to get your own at a store before entering the park). After walking around the lake you can visit the free zoo and botanical gardens. The park is very popular with the locals and it is crowded during hot summer days. (It is allowed to lay on the grass).





The Presqu’ile = Almost-island. (Take D or A lines and stop at Bellecour). This is the neighborhood which is between the Rhone and the Saone rivers, a peninsula that has the main shopping district for Lyon. I recommend taking the A line to Bellecour and then walk on the whole Rue de la République until you reach Hotel de Ville and the Opera, and the Place des Terreaux, where you’ll see the beautiful Bartholdi Fountain.


1. TCLpublic transport of Lyon

  • Ticket costs£1.40/80€/$2 at the machines (2€ on the bus) and allows you to use any type of transport (bus, subway, tramway, funicular) for 60 minutes;
  • Day ticket costs£4/5€/$5.6;
  • The last subway/tramway/bus leaves the stations at 00:30am, and then you’ll need to get a cab or an uber driver, until 5am, when public transports start their shift.

2.VELO’v: public bikes

  • If you want to rent a Velo’v for60 minutes, it’ll cost you £1.20/50€/$1.70;
  • You won’t have to bring it back where you got it, you can just leave it at another velo’v station, and there are tons!
  • However, you’ll need to have at least£119/150€/$169 on your account, which the Velo’v company uses as a deposit.

I truly recommend you to not drive to Lyon, unless you are willing to drive for hours in order to find a parking spot, and unless you are willing to pay tons of money for parking…

When your stomach starts to ask for some food there are many places I recommend you to go eat in Lyon. The best ice-cream you will find at Terre adélice in Vieux Lyon (D line)


For the best typical French restaurants I would recommend Paul Bocuse is a well-known restaurant in the surroundings of Lyon. However it is an expensive one. They opened many Bocuse brasseries all over Lyon (Le Nord, Le Sud, L’Est, L’Ouest) where you will eat delicious and affordable meals.

Cheapest/Freshest place to eat: Yaafa (A line until Hotel de Ville, walk until the Place des Terreaux, and it is right behind the corner). They make amazing vegetarian falafels. It’s a very good place to eat on the go; they also make homemade lemonade and iced-tea (you get free refills if you get a menu)


Best restaurant for coffee/tea time: Café des Négociants (A line until Cordeliers). It is a bit expensive but their hot chocolate made with real melted chocolate is the best thing you’ve never had (yet).


Lyon, France – take a note

Lyon is a city in east-central France. It is France’s third-largest city after Paris and Marseille. Lyon is the seat of the metropolis of Lyon, and the capital of both the department of Rhône and the region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.


The city is known for its historical and architectural landmarks and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Back in the days Lyon was famous for being an important place for the production of silk. Since the late 20th century, it has developed a reputation as the capital of gastronomy in France and in the world.


It has a significant role in the history of cinema due to Auguste and Louis Lumière, who invented the cinematographe in Lyon. The city is also known for its famous light festival, Fête des Lumières, which occurs every 8 December and lasts for four days, earning Lyon the title of Capital of Lights.

This Friday Kathrine tips about Lyon will be posted! Kathrine is from Lyon so she wanted to write about her home town to make sure everyone who goes there has the best out of it! She is a young traveler who enjoys life as if each day was the last! The best way to do it is by travelling as much as she can because traveling is the only things that makes us richer, wiser, happier and healthier – all at the same time!

“Lyon is a place wort visiting, due to its beautiful architecture, but it’s also an awesome city to live in, due to its atmosphere.”

Kathrine Jaffre

Country: France

Country’s capital: Paris

Official language: French

Currency: Euro (£1 =1.41 euro §1 = 1.11 euro)

Population: 484.344 inhabitants

Total area: 47,95 km²

5 European Beaches to visit this summer!

Yet there is still a few months left for the summer if you want to plan a great and on budget summer vacation my advice is – start planning now. Can’t wait to have your feet on the sand and the heat of the shinning sun caressing your body? Then get excited planning your beach holidays to one of this amazing European beaches. Below I suggest the 10 best beaches to visit this summer. Which one is your favorite?

1. Ses Illetes, Spain


Neighbor of Ibiza, this beach is located in Formentera which is a county of the the Spanish Balearic islands. With only 85 square meters it has beaches like Ses Illetes which is considered by many the Caribbean of Europe. Best time to go is between June and September – these months are the warmest with temperatures reaching 30ºC and a sea temperature that goes up to 25ºC in August!

Formentera has no airport, the best way to get there is catching a boat from Spain mainland – either Barcelona, Valencia or Denia. There boats will take you to Ibiza and from there catch another ferry to Formentera. In the summer months there are direct ferries between Denia and Formentera. Otherwise you can also fly straight to Ibiza and then take the ferry from there. From Ibiza to Formentera it takes only about 30 minutes by ferry.

Staying wise the island offers a variety of hotels– mostly small and in the one and two-star categories. There are also many small apartment developments. Camping is forbidden on the island. In peak season, advance booking for hotels is absolutely essential

Formentera is usually quieter than Ibiza having no much more than a series of wood-built beach side restaurants. If you like it simple and beautifully heavenly you will like this place. Yet quitter than Ibiza you may find also a lot of tourists here during the summer time.

2. Cala Gonone, Italy


Cala Gonone is in the island of Sardinia, Italy, also in the Mediterranean just below the island of Corsica. It lies on its Est border and the nearest airport and port is Olbia, about 1 hour and an half from Cala Gonone by car. To get to the island itself you can either fly from Italy – Milan or Rome to Olbia or also take a ferry from Civitavecchia (Rome’s cruise port), Genoa or Livorno as they all stop at Olbia.

The best months to enjoy this beautiful and relaxing beach is between July and September where the temperatures reach 30ºC.

For your stay if you do not want to worry about anything I suggest the Hotel la Favorita otherwise if you enjoy camping the island offers friendly comaping conditions – Camping CalaGonone.

3. Saleccia, Corsica


This beach is located in Corsica, an island in the Mediterranean Sea that belongs to France.

From July until September is when you will find the best temperatures with an average of 25ºC with a very unlikely chance of raining specially in July.

To get there I suggest taking an airplane to Nice, France. From here the simplest and fastest solution is the NGV (High Speed Boat). The trip takes around 3 hours and the closest NGV stop to Saleccia is at l’Ile-Rousse. If you are not a fan of boats there are also ferries available both from France and Italy. Airplane is another way to reach yet it is also the most expensive option and the flights are not very frequent. The closest to Saleccia is Bastia airport. Once you get to the airport, the boat or ferry station the best way to get to the beach is by renting a car. Public transports are not very developed in the island.

The island has a variety of nice hotels to stay close to the Saleccia beach such as Le Relais de Saleccia or U Santa Peru.

4. Arrifana, Portugal


Being a Portuguese myself and someone passionate for my country this one may be a bit suspicious but I truly think you will enjoy this one or any other Portuguese beach!

If you want to enjoy the 30ºC between July and September is the best time to go. If you like to relax in a calm place this is a good choice compared to the crowded touristic places from the South such as Vilamoura.

Best way to get there is flying to Faro airport in the South of Portugal and then from there it only takes a 1 hour and half car drive. You can rent a car for a good price at the airport which will be easier if you want to visit more then just Arrifana. Otherwise there are also buses you can take in Faro to Arrifana.

There is a variety of hotels and hostels to stay or another good idea is to rent an house or apartment which you can find for great prices. Check out Trivago website where you can find a variety of deals for all pockets!

5. Brela, Croatia


My final beach suggestion is in Croatia. For this one no boats or ferries needed. Simply take an airplane to Split, the closest Croatian airport to Brela, and from there a taxi or a bus.

On this beautiful beach where the deep blue ocean meets the peaceful green of mother nature thanks to all the trees surroinding the beach the climate only makes the picture even better with a 28ºC average temperature during the months of July, August and September.

Bluesun Hotel BeruliaSunčeva postelja Hotel, Bluesun Hotel Soline and Villa Paulina are some of the hotel suggestions I recommend while staying in Brela. 

Guinness, Green & Great People – Hello Dublin!

Dublin is a great city to visit if you don’t have long vacations. A weekend is enough to visit the main points of the city. I personally went there on a weekend trip and I did it again later so I guess this is enough to show you how I recommend visiting Dublin.



From England:

  1. AIRPLANE ROUND TRIP FROM £9.99/13€/$14 (all flights) – Ryanair from London or Birmingham – England TO Dublin– Ireland (duration: 1 hour)

From the airport to the center

  1. TAXI FROM £20/25€/$28 (duration: 25 minutes)
  2. BUS FROM £4.6/6€/$6.7


You can also get there by boat and then taxi to the center but if you book in advance flying is easier and cheaper. The first time I went there due to St. Patrick’s flights were a bit expensive and I did not book in advance so the boat ended up being the option taken.

I visited Dublin for the first time during St. Patrick’s. The city was very crowded and everything was slightly more expensive but I will give you the general prices for hostels and flights and not the ones during St. Patrick’s (17th of March). I went there with a friend and we stayed in a hostel. They offer a variety of cozy hostels just above their bars and restaurants in the city center which is a perfect spot to visit all the main attractions by foot.



Our hostel offered a free guided tour which I recommend: guides are super nice and they explain everything to you! You get to walk through all the main touristic points which makes it easier to then select what do you want to see.


  1. Oliver St. John Gogarty DORMS FROM £11/14€/$15.50This is the one I stood at the first time I went there and the one that offers free guided tours and also an welcome drink. It is right in the center but condition are suitable only for those who need a room just to sleep and plan to stay all day out since you do not have much of your own space but I guess that is any hostel!
  2. Abigails Hostel DORMS FROM £8.5/11€/$12.20This is the hostel I stood at the second time. In my opinion is more comfortable and offers better conditions than Oliver does. It has a big variety at breakfast (food lover here!) and the rooms look newer, bigger and nicer. Location wise is pretty much just as good as Oliver as it lays right in front of the river Liffey that runs in the center of the city.
  3. Herbert Park Hotel **** FROM £99.60/129€/$144                                                                                                      This is a nice hotel if you are looking for a high quality and modern place to stay. It is a bit further from the center but if you are not on a budget it offers great quality service with a wide range of facilities and only a 15 minute taxi drive from the center.

From our free guided walk tour we choose to visit Trinity College, the post office, the castle, the Viking museum, Guinness Store House, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the City Hall. We arrived on the 16th of March at night and we stood for three days – 17, 18 and 19. This was plenty of time to visited all we wanted and there was also free time for souvenir shopping. We also did a Viking tour in a car that goes on the water at a certain point which was a lot of fun!



On the night we arrived we had dinner at an Irish restaurant which had Irish live dance and music at dinner! The menu was a typical Irish food menu that included their famous Irish stew which I recommend trying!

ARLINGTON HOTEL full dinner menu with live dance: £26/33.95€/$37.80


Trinity College is world known for being one of the best colleges and it has a classic style making it very pretty. The refectory looks like Harry Potter’s eating room and in fact the students also wear long back gowns which means when it’s full looks just like in Hogwarts!




Post Office

Guinness Story House is very nice experience! They take you through all the process of making the beer and you even get free beer!

At least one night I think is mandatory to get the feeling of what is like to be in an Irish pub – so much fun!! I am studying in England where I did not enjoy the night life. Being from Portugal I thought maybe I didn’t like it becayse it is very cold but I was wrong! Dublin is quite cold also and rainy but the nightlife is unforgettable! Most pubs have live music with great singers and everyone is so nice making you feel welcome at any door you go in!





Dublin, Ireland- take a note

Dublin is the capital and largest city of Ireland. The city is in the province of Leinster on Ireland’s east coast. The capital of Ireland is known as the Viking’s city. It was found as a Viking settlement becoming Ireland’s principal city following the Norman invasion. There is a Viking museum to visit in Dublin and also a variety of Viking tours where you can get to know more about the Vikings and Ireland.

Ireland’s capital is also famous for hosting one of the world’s biggest St. Patrick’s parade. The whole city dresses up in green and on the 17th of March there is a big parade and celebrations everywhere.


Dublin is beautiful city full of history, arts, industry and it is also a centre for education. The people are very nice and friendly in general and you will entertain yourself easily in their live music bars while drinking a Guinness or the famous Irish coffee! Yet there is a tiny down side – rain! It rains quite often and the temperatures even in the summer rarely pass the 20ºC.


Tomorrow I will be posting about my experiences in the city of Dublin. It is a city I truly enjoyed and I have in fact been there more than once already. It is worth a visit just for the hostility and kindness of their people!

“Dublin is such a great city! Small enough to walk everywhere and with a lot of nice things to explore. Their bars are just the best I have ever been to with their amazing live music! Can’t wait to go back there again!”

Carolina Lopes

Country: Ireland

Country’s capital: Dublin

Official language: English and Irish

Currency: Euro (£1 =1.41 euro §1 = 1.11 euro)

Population: 527.612 inhabitants

Total area: 115 km²

Rovaniemi, Lapland – The Santa’s Home

It only takes a flight to Rovaniemi, known as the Santa’s home airport and with a 10 minute taxi drive you will not only meet Santa himself but also his adorable elves. You can also ride reindeers, huskies and many other things!


A trip to Rovaniemi is the perfect vacation with or without children since there is entertainment for everyone but in fact once you reach Santa’s town you will be a child again!

The best way to get there is by airplane but if you have some time to spend you can also take a sleeping train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and have a view of the finish landscape. It will make you feel just like in the Polar Express movie. But if you can’t wait to meet Santa we recommend taking the airplane.


Be aware that once you reach Rovaniemi not many transports will be available. There are barely any buses so best way to travel is taxi. From the airport there are taxis to all central location in Rovaniemi and usually they accept credit/debit card to pay if you don’t have any cash (there aren’t ATM at Rovaniemi airport so if you want to have some pocket money it is better to do before flying to Santa’s airport). There is a group taxi to take people to the hotels otherwise you can also call a private taxi (phone number: 00358 200 88000).


  1. AIRPLANE to Helsinki Airport (airlines such as Finnair Airlines flight there)
  2. AIRPLANEto Rovaniemi Airport (flight duration from Helsinki to Rovaniemi: 1 hour 15 minutes)

From the airport to Rovaniemi centre

  1. TAXIFROM £5.40/7€/$7.6 (duration: 10 minutes)

The best options to stay during your vacations are either in a hotel or in a house.


Prices from: £58/73€/$82 per night at one bedroom house




Hotel prices may vary depending on what are you looking for since there are many hotels in Rovaniemi.


Snowman World Igloo Hotel 

Prices from: £185/232€/263$ per night for 2 people w/ breakfast included

A great choice to truly experience the city of the snow since you will be sleeping on actual igloos! The hotel also has a restaurant made of ice where you can enjoy typical food.

Santa Village Hotel 

Prices from: £268/337€/$379 per night per room w/ breakfast buffet included

It is located right at the village and the rooms offer high quality and atmosphere since they were built quite recently back in 2010.

If you are a meat lover you must try their reindeer meat or if you prefer fish than they have a fresh smoked salmon on their traditional rye bread which is a must try!

12696458_10204408622575213_1019345153_o (1)

Their bakery is also quite tasty, I personally recommend a delicious apple pastry they have which you can find in most places!


Santa village and Santa Park are close to the airport only a 10 minute drive. The Santa village is free to visit however if you wish to do any of the activities they offer such as ride a reindeer or a husky you have to pay.



  1. Ride Huskies (500 meter ride will cost £22/28€/31$ for an adult);
  2. Ride a snowmobile (30 minute ride costs £54/68€/$76 and it is minimum 2 people)
  3. Ride a reindeer (400 meters costs £13/16€/$18 for an adult);
  4. Visit the snowman world (where you can experiment ice restaurants and bars where a full menu costs £69/87€/$98 or go for some fun ice activities);
  5. Visit Santa Park (costs £24/30€/$34 a two day ticket);
  6. Do a safari (if you wish to explore the surroundings there is a variety of safaris you can choose from including to go see the Northern lights).


Santa Park is a two day valid ticket. Yet an afternoon should be enough to visit it as t is fairly small. Santa Park is like a theme park where most activities are aimed mainly for children (yet remember everyone will be a child once you pass the magic doors!). Activities include elf school, many workshops where you can build some nice souvenirs to bring home, watch some ice sculptures among other things.




This year Santa Park opens in the 21st of November 2015 and closes in the 9th of January 2016. It is open from 10am until 17pm and from the 1st of December until the 9th of January it stays open until 6pm. On the 24th of December it will be also open from 10am until 16pm.


One thing that surprised me was the fact that once you get into Santa Village you have to pay for everything and everything is quite expensive. Yet I truly enjoyed what I saw and the best thing for me was the snowy landscape on which the park lays on.



Rovaniemi, Finland – take a note

Rovaniemi is a city located in the north of Finland. It is the administrative capital and commercial centre of Finland’s northernmost province, Lapland. It belongs to four different countries Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia. It is situated only 10 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle so as you can imagine temperatures there aren’t exactly high.

map rovaniemi

During winter time the temperature is around -13ºC being the coldest temperature registered of -47.5ºC in January 1999. In the summer time temperatures are about 13ºC with the highest temperature registered being of 30.7ºC in June 2011. Snow stays on the ground 175 days a year on average.

Despite the fact that Rovaniemi experiences polar day between 7 June and 6 July it does not experience polar night. However, the sun barely gets above the horizon in the winter.

Rovaniemi, Lapland is famous for being the home of Santa Claus! In this city lays the Santa Village where you can meet Santa himself and his elves. With the Christmas spirit always in the air this a place where you can also enjoy a variety of winter activities such as riding a snow mobile or riding a husky!

Another common reason to travel to Rovaniemi is to try to see the Northern Lights, an amazing sky color show that is often visible in the North of Finland.

This Friday I am sharing my own experience in this magical white place! I went there in a three day trip with some friends. It was a trip I enjoyed very much despite my lack of resistance to the cold!! Can’t wait to share all my tips and suggestion on how to make the best out of Rovaniemi!


“If you want to truly feel the magic of Christmas Lapland is the place to go! Before you realize your inner child will come out and for a moment you will believe in magic.”

Carolina Lopes

Country: Finland

Country’s capital: Helsinki

Official language: Finnish

Currency: Euro (£1 =1.41 euro)

Population: 58.100 inhabitants

Total area: 7.601 km²

FEBRUARY – Best Travel Deals!

This is the brand new section on A Map For Sunday (AMFS)! Every first Saturday of the month I will be sharing with you the best deals and promotions of the month – including airplane tickets, discount travel websites, hotel discounts, restaurants, etc! So keep an eye and save the most on our next trip!



(note: all the flights are from the United Kingdom, for other countries you can check the travel website link)

  1. London Stansted, United Kingdom – Basel, Switzerland: £9.99 (via Ryanair)
  2. London Stansted, United Kingdom – Dusseldorf, Germany:  £9.99 (via Ryanair)
  3. London Stansted, United Kingdom – Oslo, Norway:  £9.99 (via Ryanair)
  4. London Gatwick, United Kingdom – Sevilla, Spain,: £22.99 (via Ryanair)
  5. London Luton, United Kingdom –  Beziers, France: £16.99 (via Ryanair)
  6. London Luton, United Kingdom –  Copenhagen, Denmark: £9.99 (via Ryanair)


  1. Barcelona Universal Hotel **** Barcelona, Spain – from £44
  2. Residencia Melon District Marina *** Barcelona, Spain – from £24
  3. Ibis Budget Basel City Basel, Switzerland- from £58
  4. Appart’City Beziers *** Beziers, France – from £30
  5. Anker Hotel *** Oslo, Norway – from  £45
  6. Wakeup Copenhagen Carsten Niebuhrs Gade ** Copenhagen, Denmark – from £41

If there is a particular place you are interested to check the discounts or if there are any kind of deals and discounts you would like to know more apart from hotels and flights please comment below and I will do my best on helping you!

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

Lido, Venice – where romance meets art in a beautiful landscape

Venice is one of the most romantic and charming destinations of the world. Although, during the summer, the sultry weather and the crowded places make the city less attractive, especially for tourists looking for relaxing holidays. Lido of Venice is the perfect destination to combine beach holidays and cultural events. Lido is the beach of Venice: a long and narrow piece of land between the city of Venice and the Adriatic Sea.

It is very easy to get there: from the airport of Venice or the train station you can simply take a steamboat (Vaporetto) that will bring you to Lido in around 20 minutes.


Vaporetto number 1 leaves every 10 minutes from the centre of Venice and the trip to the Lido takes around 15 minutes.  If you want to reach the Lido by car, you can take a ferry from Venice that will bring you there in 45 minutes.


  1. AIRPLANE to Venice Marco Polo Airport (airlines such as Monarch Airlines or British Airways flight there)
  2. WALK– Marco Polo, Venice Airport to S.  Zaccaria (Pieta) A (duration: 10 minutes)
  3. STEAM BOATFROM £5.40/5.60€/$6.30 – S.  Zaccaria (Pieta) A TO Lido (duration: 20 minutes)

If you do not have your own car, the easiest way to move around Lido is by bus, but it is also possible to rent a bike and enjoy a suggestive ride in the seafront.


  1. BUSFROM £1.15/1.80€/$2 (75 minutes of use)
  2. RENT A BIKEFROM £3/3.70€/$4.3/hour to £7/8.7€/$10/day (per 1 bike)

12080781_10207766987480699_1806107944_n (1)

Last summer I spent one amazing week in Lido of Venice, and, even if I’m from the north of Italy myself, the beauty of this place surprised me.

The Lido offers an amazing view of the city of Venice that is particularly beautiful at sunset. The atmosphere is very friendly and there are different places where you can relax and spend your time.

map lido amfs

Last summer I spent one amazing week in Lido of Venice, and, even if I’m from the north of Italy myself, the beauty of this place surprised me.

The Lido offers an amazing view of the city of Venice that is particularly beautiful at sunset. The atmosphere is very friendly and there are different places where you can relax and spend your time.

12650513_10208495330048808_897880412_n (1)

I particularly like the Pachuka beach, situated in North area of Lido. This beach includes an open space with a special area designed for people who want to enjoy the sea with their dogs, called “Bau beach”. Pachuka restaurant offers wide range of Italian seafood and live music at evening time.


  1. Ristorante Ai Murazzi – prices in average:£30/38€/$43
  2. Al Covoprices in average: £30/38€/$43


Alberoni beach, situated in the opposite part of the Lido, is also very beautiful. This is the perfect place for swimming because of the clearness of the water: it is considered the best beach of Lido. At Alberoni beach is also possible to take part of different activities such as SUP (Stand Up Paddle), windsurf and kite surf.


Another place I really like, especially for the happy hour, is the suggestive café at the airport Nicelli. Inside the small airport of Lido there is a lighting space designed to enjoy a 40s atmosphere while drinking a cocktail. If it’s your first time in the North of Italy I strongly suggest you to try Campari Spritz cocktail, a typical aperitif that Italian people use to drink before dinner.

Nicelli price/quality: £15/19€/$21

If you are at Venice Lido you must also try malcotti: characteristic soft bread that is perfect with Nutella.

  • The bread can be bought in pretty much all local bakeries. The cost is very similar to regular bread (about 40 pens each). Sofia suggests buying the Nutella at any grocery store and then take it to the beach for the best afternoon snack!


Lido of Venice is not only famous for good food and nice beaches, but also for cultural reasons.


Every year, from the end of August until the beginning of September, Lido of Venice hosts the Venice Film Festival, an international event that brings Hollywood celebrities to the Venetian lagoon. Last September I lived an amazing experience: seeing Johnny Depp during this glamorous event. I think that Lido of Venice is an underestimated holiday’s destination that offers a range of activities and wonderful places to visit.



Usually people see the stars of the Venice film festival just from the outside of the theatre (you can see them walking on the red carpet, and they come close to you) but if you want to buy the ticket to see the film festival you can find them online and they cost around £40-£48/50-60€/$56-$68 (it depends on the seat and the time you book).

Venice, Italy – take a note

With the carnival just around the corner what better city to write about but Venice? The famous city, in fact also known as “City of Masks”, is  located in the northeastern part of Italy is locate in a group of 118 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges.

The name is derived from the ancient Veneti people who inhabited the region by the 10th century BC.

The city is sited in the Venetian Lagoon, between the mouths of the Po and the Piave Rivers. Venice is world famous for its architecture and its artwork that lay in a beautiful landscape to the canals. In fact the city is also known for its several important artistic movements, especially the Renaissance period. With a strong link to arts it was also the city where the musician Antonio Vivaldi was born.

The city in its entirety is listed as a World Heritage Site, along with its lagoon.

While in Venice make sure to try the cake Tiramisu, originally from Italy means in English “pick-me-up” (or “make me happy” if translated more provocative).


Tomorrow Sofia Casotto, raise and born in Italy, gives us the best insights and suggestions on how to spend some unforgettable days in Venice. She choose to talk about Lido, a small island on the Venetian Lagoon where the Venice Film Festival takes places every September. Don’t miss out, after all who’s better for tips about the an Italian place than a genuine Italian?

“Last summer I spent one amazing week in Lido of Venice, and, even if I’m from the north of Italy myself, the beauty of this place surprised me.”

Sofia Casotto

Country: Italy

Country’s capital: Rome

Official language: Italian

Currency: Euro(£1 =1.41 euro)

Population: 264,579 inhabitants

Total area: 414.57 km2