Dublin, Ireland- take a note

Dublin is the capital and largest city of Ireland. The city is in the province of Leinster on Ireland’s east coast. The capital of Ireland is known as the Viking’s city. It was found as a Viking settlement becoming Ireland’s principal city following the Norman invasion. There is a Viking museum to visit in Dublin and also a variety of Viking tours where you can get to know more about the Vikings and Ireland.

Ireland’s capital is also famous for hosting one of the world’s biggest St. Patrick’s parade. The whole city dresses up in green and on the 17th of March there is a big parade and celebrations everywhere.


Dublin is beautiful city full of history, arts, industry and it is also a centre for education. The people are very nice and friendly in general and you will entertain yourself easily in their live music bars while drinking a Guinness or the famous Irish coffee! Yet there is a tiny down side – rain! It rains quite often and the temperatures even in the summer rarely pass the 20ºC.


Tomorrow I will be posting about my experiences in the city of Dublin. It is a city I truly enjoyed and I have in fact been there more than once already. It is worth a visit just for the hostility and kindness of their people!

“Dublin is such a great city! Small enough to walk everywhere and with a lot of nice things to explore. Their bars are just the best I have ever been to with their amazing live music! Can’t wait to go back there again!”

Carolina Lopes

Country: Ireland

Country’s capital: Dublin

Official language: English and Irish

Currency: Euro (£1 =1.41 euro §1 = 1.11 euro)

Population: 527.612 inhabitants

Total area: 115 km²


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