Lyon, France – take a note

Lyon is a city in east-central France. It is France’s third-largest city after Paris and Marseille. Lyon is the seat of the metropolis of Lyon, and the capital of both the department of Rhône and the region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.


The city is known for its historical and architectural landmarks and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Back in the days Lyon was famous for being an important place for the production of silk. Since the late 20th century, it has developed a reputation as the capital of gastronomy in France and in the world.


It has a significant role in the history of cinema due to Auguste and Louis Lumière, who invented the cinematographe in Lyon. The city is also known for its famous light festival, Fête des Lumières, which occurs every 8 December and lasts for four days, earning Lyon the title of Capital of Lights.

This Friday Kathrine tips about Lyon will be posted! Kathrine is from Lyon so she wanted to write about her home town to make sure everyone who goes there has the best out of it! She is a young traveler who enjoys life as if each day was the last! The best way to do it is by travelling as much as she can because traveling is the only things that makes us richer, wiser, happier and healthier – all at the same time!

“Lyon is a place wort visiting, due to its beautiful architecture, but it’s also an awesome city to live in, due to its atmosphere.”

Kathrine Jaffre

Country: France

Country’s capital: Paris

Official language: French

Currency: Euro (£1 =1.41 euro §1 = 1.11 euro)

Population: 484.344 inhabitants

Total area: 47,95 km²


4 thoughts on “Lyon, France – take a note

  1. Great post about Lyon. Spent, quite a lot of time last year driving from Lyon airport to the mountains. Never, actually got to fully immerse myself. Although, I did buy one of my favourite gadgets there – the Kindle.

    I was recently in Nice, which is in the south of France. The architecture is fairly similar. If you enjoyed Lyon, then imagine akin surroundings. However, the added value of having the sea, and; mountainous landscape. I will in future posts write about Nice. As it is a really beautiful place.

    And, if you drive down. Don’t take the Autoroute. There is a route that follows close to the autoroute. Instead, going through all the wonderful towns. Sisteron – is an absolutely gem commune (civil townships). Situated on the banks of the River Duranc, with lots of Roman history.



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