Ålesund, Norway – take a note

Ålesund is a town in Møre og Romsdal county, in Norway. It is part of the famous district of Sunnmøre, and the center of the Ålesund Region. It is a sea port and it is also the principal shipping town of the Sunnmøre district. It is also famous for its unique concentration of Art Nouveau architecture.

In the past 13 months the highest temperature was 30.0 °C on the 2nd of July 2015 and the lowest was  -4°C on Christmas day, the 25th of December 2014.

Alesund port
Alesund port

It is an amazing place if you want to be closer to nature, breath pure air and enjoy sceneries that you cannot see anywhere else.

The actual centre of the city is very beautiful and calm. When you walk close to the sea, you see the fisher’s man on their boats with all the catch of the day to sell. They are very friendly and approachable and talk about their lives a little bit.

Vanessa & Alex

Vanessa and Alex beautiful journey in Ålesund will be posted tomorrow so keep an eye for an amazing 4 day trip suggestion of what to do and see in Ålesund, Norway.

Country: Norway

Capital: Oslo

Largest City: Oslo, 915,000 habitants

Official languageNorwegian

Currency: Norwegian krone (£1 = 12.4 NOK)

Population: 45.033 habitants

Total area: 98,78 km²

Sovereign: King Harald V (1991)

Prime Minister: Erna Solberg (2013)