The mystic New Orleans, Louisiana

Filipa Alexendra is a 21-year-old studying in England who went to do an year placement in the U.S.A. During her placement she had the chance to visit many places in the United States but New Orleans was the one she fancied the most.

Street bands play all around the city, they play mostly jazz and blues.
Street bands play all around the city, they play mostly jazz and blues.

In this vibrant city Filipa found her favourite place to eat – Acme Oyster House. New Orleans is all about seafood and oysters mostly, and Acme is the best one to eat these! It is a very small place and usually you will find a big queue to be seated, but it’s worth the waiting. Her suggestion to order are the seafood soup and charged grilled oysters.

View from Filipa's hotel (Marriott downtown) to the Mississippi river
View from Filipa’s hotel (Marriott downtown) to the Mississippi river.

Her fabulous view from the 35th floor of her hotel Mariott downtown room was what Filipa named as the best sightseeing as she could see the whole city from there! Filipa strongly advises Mariott New Orleans downtown hotel to stay at.

“Not the cheapest, but was not crazily expensive, really nice rooms and pool, huge breakfast buffet.”

Some must sees are the St . Louis Cathedral on Jackson square and Garden district.

St . Louis Cathedral
St . Louis Cathedral

Garden district is also very beautiful, with the old and sophisticated houses.

Garden District
Garden District

New Orleans is full of night life and Filipa specifically recommends – Bourbon street, a street full of bars with mostly live music, where you can also drink outside.

street burboun
Bourbon street, main street of bars and nightlife.

The city is fairly easy to visit by simple walking since the must sees are all close to each other. Since most streets do not allow cars, renting a bike is a suggestion Filipa makes.

French quarter streets (a neighbourhood full of French influences on buildings and food)
French quarter streets – a neighbourhood full of French influences on the buildings and the food.

All over the city can be found interesting little patios which sometimes are simple patios or other times are used for a specific propose. The one shown below for instance was being used as an art gallery.

Art gallery in a patio.
Art gallery in a patio.

“New Orleans is the witchcraft city, you can actually feel the energy in this city, and it’s very mysterious, with plenty of voodoo and witchcraft shops and people reading palms and cards on their little stands on the street.”

Handmade art and craft market at night – there are buckets with chalk around the place so people can write on the floor.
A poem written by a street man on a typing machine.