Tallinn, a capital to explore

I am a student of nursing and for my Erasmus program I have chosen to go to Tallinn. I am going to share with you my experience in this beautiful city so I hope you enjoy!


  1. AIRPLANE to Talinn Airport (companies such as Ryanair fly there)

From the airport to the centre

  1. TAXI FROM £5/6.3€/$7 (duration: 10 minutes)
  2. BUS FROM £1.40/1.80€/$2 (duration: 15 minutes)

Travel around Talinn

  1. BUS and TRAM from £4.8/6€/$6.8 the weekly pass for both

Note: There are also rent-a-cars at the airport yet it is easier and quicker to move around Tallinn by bus, taxi, tram or foot!


Starting with food, to taste some good Estonian food, you definitely have to try number 1 Trip Advisor restaurant “Rastakevus”. It has a beautiful and cosy environment and the staff is really pleasant. I will just let you know they have the most delicious homemade pumpkin seeds bread with some butter to die for. And guess what…. It’s on the house!

Rastakevus Restaurant

Prices in average: £7/8.8€/$9.9

For a cheaper meal there’s a Greek restaurant called “Pitas” that has the most delicious pitas/kebabs I have ever tasted. And it can be a good meal after a night out because they are open 24 hours! And don’t forget to bring your student card because they have good discount.

Pitas Restaurant

Prices in average: £2.45/3€/$3.5

Now for desert! It doesn’t look like much from the outside (or the inside really) but “Kompressor” has a full menu of delicious and GIANT crepes. It’s a place to indulge in your sweetness for sure. But if you don’t like sweets so much, you can always try the salty ones (bacon, cheese, ham and so on).

Kompressor Restaurant

Prices in average: £3/3.8€/$4.2




I don’t have much experience to tell you about hotels because all my stay in Tallinn was in a student’s residence. But when my friend’s parents came to visit her they stayed in a really picturesque hotel named “Von Stackelberg”. The stone walls and the wood gives it a beautiful ambience, that’s makes you feel like a northerner.  It’s located near the old town and has some really good reviews.

Von Stackelberg Hotel

Prices from: £49/62€/$69 per night per person

It has also sauna/steam room, day spa, library, café, among other facilities.




Almost all of the landmarks and museums to see are in the Old Town, a place you will find very medieval. To see all the old town and museums I recommend 2 days. You can get a map of the city in one of the souvenir’s shops and see how to get to every landmark. To see the entire city you should climb to St. Olaf’s Church and you will have a great view of the all city. Also there are two viewpoints in the Old town where you can get a beautiful view of the Old Town and the Baltic Sea.







There is also a beautiful park “Kadriorg” with beautiful gardens, a palace an art museum. This one you have to take a tram from the old town to get there.

About 50% of Estonia is covered in forest and it was ranked the cleanest air in the world by World Health Organisation 2011 report.

You will find the people in Tallinn very reserved and not to smiling, this in manly because they got out of the soviet oppression quite recently and also because their history tells that in ancient times they lived very apart from each other because of the big forests.


mt floresta


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